Program 2014

What happens at Venabu during summer 2014?

From 3rd Yoga classes each Tuesday at Venabu. From 5.30pm to 7.00 pm
From 23rd Guided walks - join our walking holiday
26st - 29th Long weekend with Venabu Yoga - get away from the everyday stress
29th - 2nd July Riding holiday for girls above 18. A fun holiday with friends
Each weekend Long weekend with yoga and riding. Thursday-Sunday
week 27 & 31 Guided walks - join our walking holiday
4th - 6st Riding weekend for girls
Week 29 Activity week for families with children. Program will come.
Week 30 Course in scenery painting. Program will come.
Throughout August Guided walks - join our walking holiday
1st - 10th The Peer Gynt show at Gålå - buy our all-inclusive package
15th - 17th Riding weekend - discount for groups with more than 3 travellers
22nd - 24th Venabu Yoga Weekend - Yoga for beginners
29th -31st Venabu Yoga Weekend - more advanced yoga.



01.-12. September -  Guided walks

12.-14.September - Fotomeeting - a social meeting with renowned photographer

19.-21.September - Fotocourse - the autumn colors invite to making beautiful pictures



03.-05. October - Yoga and nutrition

We generally close from about 08 October and then have mainly group arrangements on the weekends. It is possible for groups to book.Our cottages are available all year round, even if the hotel is closed



The main month for good food

01. November: Wild food with good wines.

08. November: Wild food with beer.

From mid-November many ski clubs come to perform their first training, also in the first half of December.



During the first 3 weeks skiing is carried out mainly on the weekends. We open the winter season on December 20 with our traditional Christmas and New Year package.


Christmas and New Year

We celebrate Christmas as a traditional large family would once have done, with Christmas dinner, singing while walking around the Christmas tree, and a visit from Father Christmas. We welcome singles, families & couples from around the world. The days and evenings are filled with a variety of activities, live dance music in the evenings or quiet reading in front of the open fire. Join in the group activities or enjoy your own corner alone.








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