Riding trips, riding lessons and rounds for children


Venabustallen arranges riding trips for different levels, riding lessons for beginners and small rounds for children. Read further for more info about each of the trips. If you would like to go on a riding holiday with included hotel stay, you should read more about our riding holidays and -weekends.


Day trips

To participate on our day trips, you have to be able to control your horse in walk, trot and canter. Where we ride will depend on the weather conditions. On sunny days we often ride to "DÝrjuvet" canyon and the waterfall. You can expect a spectacular view to the bottom of the 100 metres drop. We ride in the wild reindeers area, and if we are lucky, we might find tracks from the reindeers! We have day trips that go to some of the local summer farms as well. On these trips we ride over mountain tops and through quiet birch forests. All the trips are mostly in walk, but there will be serveral places where we can trot and canter.
Age limit 12 years, must be able to canter.
Prices NOK 860 day trip with packed lunch/ 910 day trip with bonfire lunch


3- and 4-hours rides

To participate on these trips, you have to be able to control your horse in walk, trot and canter. We ride in varied terrain, and get several opportunities for trot and canter. We have many different routes to choose from, and the guides will picj the best routes for that day. We can ride on mountain tops, to the canyon and waterfall, through calm forests or in the wild reindeers area.  Age limit 12 years, must be able to canter..
Prices NOK 660 3 hours / 760 4 hours


2-hours trips

We arrange 2 hours trips for two different levels: level trot and level canter. To participate on the level trot trips, you have to be able to control your horse in trot. For the trips at level canter, you have to be able to control your horse in canter. There will be mostly walking on alle trips, but we will ride trot/canter where the terrain allows us to. On two hours you get to see quite a bit of the mountains. We can ride on a mountain top, in the quiet birch forests or on a lovely gravel road.

Age limit 8 years, must be able to trot or canter.
Price NOK 560


1 hour trips

1 hour trips are recommended for both children and unexperienced adults. We ride in varied terrain on both small paths and gravel roads. These trips give a little taste of riding in the mountains, and is a nice family activity.
Age limit 6 years. Children under 10 years without experience has to join a riding lesson first. We recommend that you can control a horse in walk to participate.
Price NOK 370


Riding lessons at the arena

Riding lessons are recommended before you join a longer riding trip if you do not have much riding experience. The main focus during these lessons are that the riders should experience basic riding skills. We will focus on skills needed to join riding trips in the mountains.
Age limit 6 years.
Price NOK 370


Riding lesson followed by 1 hour ride

Riding lesson followed by 1 hour ride is a popular alternative for inexperienced riders. You get a little introduction and practise at the arena before you go out on a ride in the mountains. The riding trips are more fun when you have basic control over your horse.
Age limit 6 years.
Price NOK 560*
* Applies only for riding lesson and 1 hour ride without a break in between

Riding for children

Also the youngest can ride at Venabu. We arrange small rounds for children every day. These trips are 15 or 30 minutes long, and each child gets a horse and a guide. We walk on a narrow path through the "Fairytale forest", a quiet birch forest, so also the youngest gets a nature experience.
No age limit, but parents have to help when children under 3 years are going to ride.
Prices NOK 150 for 15 minutes / 300 for 30 minutes



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