Summer in the Venabygd mountains

Venabu Fjellhotell lies in the middle of fantastic tour terrain on 'Venabygdsfjellet' and is a gateway

to the Rondane National Park. In the summer months there is a large network of paths and trails in

 light easy terrain. We lie close to the birch forests as well as over 30 different mountain tops.

 At Venabu we offer walking, horse riding, canoeing, bathing, fishing & cycle hire. There are a whole

 variety of different walk, very short to very long. The area is very good for hill walking. We also offer

 a ride with our minibus into the mountains every morning, with a variety of different routes back to

 the hotel. Choose from simple routes with good easy footpaths or visit deep canyons and waterfalls,

 mountain summits & plateaux.

Worth doing/worth seeing:

Storfjellseter - very special old place with coffee and art gallery in summer, along Friisvegen