The "Trolløype" trail


70 km from Høvringen in Rondane to Sjusjøen by Lillehammer. One of the most wonderful ski tours in Norway, skiing in an easy mountain terrain from cabin to cabin or hotel to hotel or a mixture of both. This is for experienced skiers, and mountains skis with steel edges are required, as well as knowledge of map and compass. The trail is marked, but not prepared, since this is in the high mountains and the track will blow again in short time. When in local trail nets, parts of the distance might be prepared. But this is a wilderness experienced – and you ski the way skiing was originally used, having skis that bring you forward independent of tracks.


From Venabu we have ski safari weeks in March, where we do parts of the Troll-løype, and Norske Bygdeopplevelser arrange tours for parts of the distance or for the whole trail both for groups and individuals. See www.norske-bygdeopplevelser.no


The ski race - Lillehammer Troll Ski Marathon, will take place April 1st 2017. This is the longest ski race in the world which takes place in one day, and covers the 95km of the Troll løypa from Venabu to Sjusjøen. The ski race starts not far from Venabu Fjellhotell, and we can offer special prices for participants.

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