Winter activities 2016/2017


We offer week-programs for Christmas, Easter and winter holidays. We also offer our own skisafari program. Our guides Robert and Wenche bring guests with them on ski tours every day, except Saturdays. You can sign up for the trips one day in advance. If you wish to, you can book all the trips(6 days) as a package for NOK 1.500,-. We arrange horse sleigh rides and dog sleigh rides once a week, provided that there are enough people signed up for the activity; minimum 6-8 people.


Skiing: The ski tracks start just outside the hotel's entrance! You can ski both in the forest, or in open landscape. Go on your own, or join one of our guided trips. The network of prepared and marked tracks is all together about 120-140 km.


Snow shoeing: We have snow shoes for rental. Once a week, we arrange a guided snow shoe trip to the waterfalls in Myfallet. Snow shoeing is great for you who want to try out something else than skiing!


Skiing with small children in "pulk": The hotel has 3 "pulks" for rental. We recommend you to book these in advance.


Dog sleigh rides: Once a week the hotel rents dogs and sleighs, and goes for a half an hour ride. There has to be a minimum of 6-8 people. Longer rides can be booked in advance.


Horse sleigh rides: We offer rides once a week, or on requests when there is a minimum of 8 persons. We go for a ride in the forest, usually in the dark, with torches.


Walking: The same route that is used for horse sleigh rides, can also be uses for walking. This is a excellent for those of you who wish to walk, and at the same time get away from the traffic. 


"Spark": You can borrow the traditional Norwegian "spark" at the hotel - great for kids, or for those who need some support when walking.


Toboggans: Hill for tobogganing right outside the hotel. Toboggans and sledges for rent.


With car/minibus: On request, we arrange trips to Sollia and the Atna lake. Here you can enjoy the fantastic view to Rondane, or visit the Sollia church. We can also arrange trips to the Ringebu stave church, including a stop in village of Ringebu, where you can shop in one of the many speciality shops.


Indoors:  Lars holds a slide show of Venabu and the mountains, including information about the activities

                available throughout the year - Sunday evenings.              '

                Halldis holds a slideshow, with comments, about local flora once a week - Wednesday evenings.

               "Norwegian buffet" - a selection of traditional Norwegian food and we explain the the tradition 

                behind the food served - Wednesdays evenings.

                We offer live music every evening, except Sundays, from the end of January.

                Sauna - good for both soul and health after a day full of activities outdoor.

                Yoga lessons 2-4 times a week with experienced teachers

                Possibilities to book a soothing massage for aching muscles.

                Slide show about Lines bike trip to India - on request.                   

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