Hike the Highlights of Wild Reindeer Country

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From 10 900,-

per person

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Walking holiday grade

Intermediate mountain walking for experienced hikers.
Expect to be out 6 hours

Typically 12-16km per day. The distances given in the itinerary are approximate.

Mountain paths, these can be rocky, rough or boggy. There is one short, rocky step where we need to use our hands. Please visit our walking grades page for more information.

We use short transfers by hotel minibus to help us explore the area.

See our hiking holiday grades page.

Small group size

Minimum 4, maximum 10.

Wild reindeer country highlights

Join us to discover the hidden gems of our beautiful hiking area.

On this intermediate grade hiking holiday you will get a little closer to the mysterious wild reindeer and explore away from the marked trails. The hikes are in varied terrain and each day has its own character. The holiday includes a “wild reindeer safari” hiking tour with our wildlife expert, more information below.

Venabygdsfjellet’s unique wild reindeer herd is a common thread throughout the holiday. Learn more about these enigmatic creatures and get to know this corner of their vast and magnificent habitat. For over 6000 years, the wild reindeer have been an important source of food for the people living in this area. Hunting has made them wary of us, yet you may be lucky and see one of the herds during your stay.

This intermediate grade walking holiday is centre-based, at Venabu Fjellhotell. Our family run hotel is well known for an inclusive atmosphere and good food. 

This holiday will suit hillwalkers who enjoy:
  • peace and tranquility
  • open landscapes and big views
  • learning about the wildlife and history of the places they visit
  • the beautiful colours and textures of the Norwegian mountains in summer

The appeal of these hikes is the sense of wilderness and unspoilt nature.

holiday highlights

  • Hike in unspoilt, wild reindeer country
  • Discover the natural history of this beautiful area, including a day with our wildlife expert
  • See how the forces of water, geology and time have created this vast landscape
  • Visit to a mountain farm and dairy with storytelling and cheese tasting
  • Relax in our comfortable, family run mountain hotel on this centre-based walking holiday
  • Enjoy our renowned dinner: “A Taste of Norwegian Tradition” served on Wednesday evening
  • Ideal for solo travellers, friends and couples who would like to share their walking holiday with like-minded people

Wild Reindeer Country Highlights Itinerary

Sunday - Arrival

Check in from 15h.

19.00 Dinner is served

Meet your guide for the holiday briefing after dinner.

Monday - Store Ramshøgda, Venabygdsfjellet´s highest peak

Walk details: 15-18 km, 450 m of ascent, some steep sections
Duration approximately 5-6 hours

We start the holiday with the panaramic summit of Ramshøgda (1463 m). 

Ramshøgda stands in the Rondane National Park and the views are stunning. Laid out before you is a vast landscape with are the imposing peaks of the Rondane, open plains, green birch forest and Alvdal Vestfjell, stretching all the way towards Sweden.

The Rondane National Park was Norway´s first national park. It was created to protect the unique wild reindeer that still live here. 

We hike in beautiful and open mountain terrain, with calcareous soil that provides good growth conditions for the mountain plants. On the way we stop by the old reindeer traps and hear a little about the importance of wild reindeer for the area. Welcome to Wild Reindeer Country!

19.00 Dinner is served

Tuesday - Wild reindeer safari

Walk details: 15-18 km, about 200 m ascent. There is a short step (a few metres) where you need to use your hands to scramble up.
Duration: 5-6 hours

Today is dedicated to wild reindeer. You will be in the company of our wildlife expert, Tore. Expect a fascinating tour where you will find out all about these majestic animals.

We take a minibus transfer along Frissvegen to Remdalen. This area has particularly well-preserved reindeer traps. About 6000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age the glaciers retreated and animals including reindeer and mammoth moved up into the mountains. They were followed, and hunted, by our ancestors. During the tour you will visit the animal traps, hear about the natural history of wild reindeer and about these ancient hunting practices. 

The walk continues over Vesle Hirisjøhøgda, which gives good views over the reindeer areas. When the wind is in the “right direction” there are good opportunities to see the wild reindeer but these are enigmatic creatures, so there is no guarantee. What we can promise you is an educational and exciting day off the beaten track! 

19.00 Dinner

Wednesday - Across the "Vidde"

Walk details: 15-18 km, 250 m of ascent
Duration: 5-6 hours

On today’s walk you are immersed in the idyll of summer, in the Norwegian mountains. We start the day on the north side of Muen, walking in quite easy terrain and mostly downhill. We will visit the location of the old DNT cabin, Gråhøgdbu. Here, the landscape is open with a view of the entire Venabygdsfjellet. 

We come to Dørfallet and Dørjuvet – a 100m waterfall that drops into Venabygdsfjellet’s “jutulhogg”. If conditions are suitable, we may go down into the gorge – between rock and water, in the “interior of the mountain”. On the way back to the hotel we climb Veslefjellet – a small peak, again with superb views. 

19.00h Dinner. This evening it is our special weekly food event: “A Taste of Norwegian Tradition“. The emphasis is on local food and dishes, with a presentation by the host.

Thursday - Finnsjøvola

Walk details: 12-15 km, 380m  of ascent
Duration: about 4 hours

On our final day we have an easier, though no less beautiful walk, through deep pine forests and up above the treeline. On the open plateau with sparkling lakes and views of Rendalssølen and Dovre, we enjoy a packed lunch. For the hardy there may be the opportunity to swim in one of the mountain lakes. There is a wild reindeer herd in the area, but the highlight of the day are Sollia’s goats at Øverdalssetra! On arrival, we meet the “budeia” who welcomes you with storytelling and tastings of the local dairy’s goat cheese. 

19.00 Dinner

Friday - Departure day

08.00 to 10.00h Breakfast is served.

Departure after breakfast.

Please note that the order of the itinerary may vary to adapt to the weather and the needs of the group.

“Thank you again for a very warm and welcoming week!”

“I very much enjoyed your hospitality and the great walks with Wenche and Joy, during the Wild Reindeer Walking week.
I very much hope to be back”.

Margaret (The Netherlands)

What’s included

  • 5 nights accommodation in our comfortable mountain hotel
  • Breakfast and evening meals, packed lunches and flasks filled
  • Guided walks on 4 days
  • Wild reindeer safari
  • The services of our expert hiking guide
  • “A Taste of Norwegian Tradition” our special food event on Wednesday evening
  • All transfers for guiding


“Many thanks to Wenche for a really fantastic week’s walking and to all at Venabu for the great hospitality. See you again ..”   Susan and Jayne (UK)

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“Wonderful visit”

“Thank you to everyone at Venabu for yet another wonderful visit …. We will return!!”

Anne and Chris (UK)

Questions about the activity?

Joy O'Flanagan

Head of Guiding

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