What do our guests need to know about insurance?

Please note that there are two types of insurance relevant to adventure travel.

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Rescue, repatriation and medical cover

It is part of our terms and conditions that guests who are participating in adventure activities have appropriate insurance to cover rescue and recovery, medical expenses and repatriation in the event of ill health or injury. Guests who do not have insurance will not be able to participate in the guided activities. The financial consequences of an accident or ill health can quickly add up so this is for your protection.

It is up to you to ensure that your insurance cover is appropriate for the activities in your holiday itinerary. We are happy to advise you with information about the nature of the activities. However, it is up to individual guests to ensure that their insurance policy meets their requirements in terms of the level of cover, benefits, any excesses and the activities covered.

Off track skiing
Please note that many of our ski tours even at a beginner level and particularly, but not exclusively, our Ski Safaris, include an element of off track skiing. Please check that this is covered by your insurance: insurance companies classify nordic off track skiing in different ways, so please check the policy wording.

Many insurance policies covering trekking have an altitude limit. Our hiking and walking holidays do not go above 2500 m and we do not walk on any glaciers.

Minimum group size
Some of our holidays require a minimum group size (link to activity and package terms and conditions) to be guaranteed. We advise guests not to incur additional costs, such as rescue and recovery insurance, until the holiday is confirmed. We endeavour to keep the information on our website up to date, however, if you have any questions please contact our booking team directly.

We advise all our guests to carry their insurance documents with them. We will ask you for your insurance details before the trip commences for our records, in case of an emergency.

Travel disruption/Cancellation/Curtailment Insurance

We also recommend that guests have insurance that covers cancellation, curtailment, personal liability and baggage. Please see our terms and conditions regarding cancellation.

Insurance through your bank or credit card – please check that this cover includes activities and suits your requirements. This type of cover can be quite limited in terms of adventure travel.

Hotel guests
We recommend that all guests have travel insurance to cover both repatriation and medical expenses and cancellation/curtailment and baggage. Please note that if you decide to participate in an activity during your stay, you should have appropriate insurance cover.


Examples of adventure travel insurance

Below are examples of some of the insurance companies that offer adventure travel insurance, please note that some insurers only insure residents of specific countries eg UK residents, whereas others offer cover to residents worldwide. Most insurers require that cover is in place before the start of your trip, however, there are exceptions, see below.

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