Horse riding in Norway

Riding holidays and tours for all levels

Horse riding in the Norwegian mountains

Riding at Venabu


Opening times

Summer: 9h -19h
Winter: On request

Summer Season 2021

18th June – 10th October

Age limits

Lead rounds – no age limit
Riding instruction: 7 years
2 hour tours: 8 years
3 hour tours and full day rides: 12 years

Group size

Small group size: maximum 10
Tours for larger groups on request

Level of rider

Venabustallen arranges tours and holidays for all levels of rider from beginners to experienced riders.

More information on riding levels or grades (in Norwegian) here or contact us, details below.


Call our stable manager Ingeborg Victoria Tvete


t: +47 9221 3456

Enjoy a horse riding holiday or tour in the mountains at Venabu. We offer riding holidays and tours from mid June into October. There are tours going out every day, at different grades, with tours suitable for experienced riders, less experienced riders and beginners.

Our strong, calm horses are perfectly suited to rides with guests in the mountains. Their steady temperament and good nature make them good companions for your riding tours.

Private, tailor made tours to suit your group are also available, as are riding lessons in our arena.

Venabu’s stables, Venabustallen, are located close to Venabu Fjellhotell and Cabins in the fantastic riding area of Venabygdsfjellet. This mountain area offers a nice mixture of terrain. There are open mountains and plateaux, rounded mountain peaks and quiet birch forests. All perfect to explore on horseback.

Tours and riding lessons

We offer tours: one, two, three and four hour tours and riding lessons for guests visiting us for the day.

There are tours for different levels, so you can find a tour at your skill level. 

Experienced riders

There are offer tours lasting from 1 hour to full day rides. 

Less experienced riders and beginners

We recommend a tour of 1-2 hours, or instruction in the riding arena.

Prices per person

1 hour tour 500 NOK

2 hour tour 720 NOK

3 hour tour 950 NOK

4 hour tour 1300 NOK

Private, tailor made tours

Enjoy a horse riding tour designed just for you.

Are you a group of friends, a family or a couple who would like a riding tour of your own? Book a private trip where the whole experience is tailored to your wishes and skill level. This is a good options for couples and groups where riders have different degrees of experience.

Horse riding holidays and weekend breaks

Horse Riding holidays and weekend breaks at different grades

We offer a number of different weekends and holidays including our popular riding and yoga breaks. You can find out more on the Venabustallen page (in Norwegian) or contact us.

Experienced riders

At this grade our riding holidays and weekends are suitable for riders who have mastered trot and canter. The tours take you out into the mountains, a wonderful experience on horseback. You can expect varied tours and a great nature experience.


These riding holidays and weekends are suitable for guests with little or no previous experience. We have beautiful tours at this grade as you ride out into the mountains.

On these holidays we teach you the basics so that you can use your new found skills out on tours. The holiday ends with a 2 hour horseback ride in the mountains.

Tours for young children

For the youngest children, simple leading rounds are offered on a path in the birch forest, close to the stable. We have no lower age limit on these rounds.

Price per person

from 170 NOK for a 15 minute tour, longer trips are also available.

Booking and cancellation

Booking rides:

  • by phone  or SMS to 9221 3456
  • e-mail:
  • Facebook Venabustallen

Bookings should be made by 1800 the day before. Cancellation must be made no later than 0800 on the day of the tour. Cancellations made later than this will be invoiced at the full amount. For larger groups, other deadlines may apply.

Cancellations must be made by sending an SMS to 9221 3456.


Venabustallen has liability insurance for its services. We recommend our guests to take out their own travel insurance.

Experienced guides and safety first

Venabustallen has a good reputation locally and holds the Norwegian riding standards certification: Hest i Turistnæring. Venabu has years of experience, having offered riding tours since the 1970’s.

At Venabustallen, we focus on putting safety and animal welfare first.

Our maximum group size is usually ten riders. We are happy to arrange larger tour groups on request.

Whether you are an experienced rider or have never ridden a horse before, our experienced guides will welcome you, providing safe instruction and leadership along the way. We take care to match riders with the appropriate level of tour. This is important for your safety and for the best riding experience.

All our guides speak fluent English.

Safe, steady draft horses

“Cold head, warm heart”

During the summer we have about twenty horses at the stables. Most of these are working horses and Dole horses (Dølahest in Norwegian), known for having a “cold head and warm heart”. This breed originates from our local area, Gudbrandsdalen, and is well suited for riding in mountain terrain. Their friendly nature is delightful and gives a sense of security to the rider.

The Dole horse

The Dole horse breed was established in 1857, as a result of farmers needing a stronger and bigger horse to work in the fields and forest. Dole horses are normally 148-155 cm tall. They are heavily built and steady on uneven terrain. The Dole horse is the largest of the three old Norwegian breeds. 

Strong and calm

These working horses are strong and calm. They must be relaxed around noise and trust the person working with them. Working horses need to be obedient and able to think on their own: in the forest they are often working to voice commands, rather than with reins. The horses learn to work around the trees on their own. Two of our faithful Dole horses, Trond and Lukas, are experienced in this forest work. They are with us as riding horses in the summer. In the winter season when they work with us on sleigh rides.