Horse riding holiday and tour grades








Rides in this category suit the inexperienced or anxious rider. No previous knowledge is required. We ride at a walk.
For very anxious riders, we recommend a tour with a leader or a private lesson.


These tours are for people with some riding experience. Guests should be confident riding independently in walk and trot.
Children participating in these tours should have ridden at least 10 times without a leader. The rides are mainly at a walk with some trotting. The time spent in trot will depend on the group's ability.


These tours are for experienced riders who have mastered walk, trot and canter in the open. The tours are mainly in walk with several sections of trotting and cantering, where the terrain allows. The terrain on these trips can also be rough or steep.

children on horseback

It’s important to remember that children have different needs to adults. They often become tired more quickly when riding out in the open, rather than in a school or arena.
If your child usually rides at a riding school, they may have ridden for a maximum of 1 hour at a time. Choose a shorter trip, at a slightly lower level than you think your child can handle, rather than a trip that is too long or demanding.

Venabustallen's booking team is happy to help you find the right tour and level for you and your family.



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